Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Top Xbox One Features

When it comes to the next generation of consoles, what is it that separates the PS4 and Xbox One when it comes to features?  If one were to look at a list of features on paper, it might seem like they have more in common, than differences.  They both offer pay for online services; apps & digital entertainment; games & exclusives; play while downloading;  region free gaming etc.

But what do they offer that is different?

Last week, I took a look at the top PS4 features.  Now it's time to take a look at the Top Xbox One Features.


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  • Controller: Impulse triggers - 4 motors inside the Xbox One controller allow developers to give feedback to your fingertips like never before.  Each motor can be programmed to respond in different ways depending on the feedback of what is happening in game.  Example: Racing  - Driving over various terrain will give corresponding feedback to the controller.  Driving over gravel will vibrate differently than driving over grass or asphalt.  FPS games would let you 'feel' different weapons.  If you empty the chamber, it will feel differently than when you are shooting a high powered rifle. And shooting a rifle will feel unique compared with firing a rocket launcher for example.  Each motor is controlled separately, which allows developers to cue movement in only the parts of the controller they wish to use.

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  • Smart Match Matchmaking:  This system allows players to search for multiplayer matches across Xbox Live. Players can search for matches based on skill, age, languages, DLC etc. (Watch Xbox Smart Match)

  • Reputation System Revamped:  Smart matchmaking will filter the good players from the bad players.  Anytime players are reported, or muted by fellow players - Xbox is evaluating their interactions.  A player who is regularly misbehaving - or who is commonly reported or muted will lose reputation points and will be thrown in multiplayer matches with players who play similarly
  • Cloud Power: The cloud is going to offer Microsoft a number of different features.  Developers can push out updates and new achievements with no delay.  Games can be updated in real-time (Example: Sports games that use real player stats could be updated as games are played in real life.)  Forza has shown that the Xbox AI can learn and adapt to human behavior. Microsoft is also giving all developers and publishers access to these servers at a very low rate.  That most games should be on dedicated servers. (See Xbox One vs PS4 Cloud) (Watch also: Xbox One's $10 Billion Cloud)
  • Devkit: Every Xbox One will also double as a developer kit.  This will give indies an opportunity to work with Xbox One, Windows 8, Kinect, the cloud, as well as apps.
  • Kinect 2.0:
1) All new voice algorithms allow for natural voice communications.  Example: "Show me movies with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.".  If you take advantage of the HDMI in with your TV box, you can also turn on your TV and control the volume with the sound of your voice without ever picking up the remote.2) Motion capture upgraded from original Kinect.  The Kinect 2.0 can see in the dark, and can be used while you are on the couch.  It can now track facial gestures, finger movements, weight balance, and more.


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