Friday, December 6, 2013

Ceasefire from Online Shooter Video Games to Honor Sandy Hook #OSCeaseFire

Last year, Gamerfitnation started an event called the Online Shooters Ceasefire to honor the victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting. The event asked that gamers take a break from playing their favorite online shooters and put down their digital weapons. The event sponsors were apparently pleased with the support that they received last year and are hoping to turn this into a yearly event. So once again, Gamerfitnation is asking that we put down our pixel guns on December 21st 2013.

While I believe the organizers probably have the best of intentions when it comes to honoring the victims of Sandy Hook and the victims of gun violence in general - the fact remains that good intentions don't always equate to good ideas. In this commentary, i'll break down why I won't be participating in #OSCeasefire and why I believe this is the wrong approach from gamers when it comes to gun violence.

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